Can I Travel Safely?

The biggest question I receive is where can I travel safely. Disney and Universal have been allowing guests into their parks since last July. These are great places to visit now.

Both Disney and Universal follow strict guidelines that have been set by the CDC such face masks, social distancing and hand sanitizers located throughout the park. They also use touchless contact for paying for meals, souvenirs and opening your resort room door.

There are many places in the United States that you can also travel too such as Hawaii, Grand Canyon etc.

Traveling Outside the USA

If you are looking to travel outside of the USA, please be aware that some countries will require a negative Covid Test prior to arrival and you will need to take out Covid Insurance. All travelers are required to quarantine for several days once they arrive in the country.

After several days in quarantine you will need to take another Covid 19 test showing that you are negative at which time you will be able to travel around the country.

There are still counties that still have closed borders such as Canada and most European Countries are still not allowing US Citizens to visit.
There is a light at the end of tunnel as more and more people get the Covid 19 vaccine some countries may ease entry restrictions which means you do not need to take a test or quarantine before venturing out in the country.

For more information or to discuss options, please contact me personally via email.